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~ a collection of stories and adventures forged from living in between ~

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the explorer's way | a photo journal

Our first sunset in the desert @ a rest stop just north of Port Augusta, SA. A man with a big lens asked if he could take our photo as we...

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the project

Ponderings on the world through two eyes, with flair from the array of characters I meet. A collection of words, photos and drawings to record a life lived in between permanence. An exploration of what it means to be seeking, experiencing the unknown and giving importance to things that are not quite the norm.

As Yoga Nidra teacher, Jennifer Piercy so aptly put it, to be exploring the ‘transition spaces of dusk and dawn and as summer becomes winter and winter becomes summer’. Of the dream state that exists between sleep and wake. Of the parts of our consciousness that we can access but can’t quite yet make sense of. Of living between the reality we grew up with and the ones that we are pulled into by other souls, other paths. 

If you are living a similar life or want to contribute in any way, flick me an email below. I hope to make a print zine of this project in the future, but for now this is a space to record and share. 

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