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~ a collection of stories and adventures forged from living in between ~

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finnis terrae

a cafe in santiago close to the bus station, Spain I sit watching the people on the TV exclaim their happiness over the rain and cooler...

humans of the house

I always look forward to the weekends when curious Cathos arrives or mum, ready to rearrange all the furniture or ‘get the garden going’...

four-wheeling on the south west coast

We reached the forest outside Nannup at golden hour on a Sunday, everything quiet and lovely against the tall karris. We found a spot to...

om beach

A feeling of home away from home. The bush bash to get to the small bay, the sounds of the waves the same. The yelps in a different...

kathmandu - the city of rooftop laundry

A flock of birds soars across the backdrop of one family’s laundry - all of pink hues. Rainbow prayer flags intermingle with clusters of...

new marigold school, nepal

Fresh licks of paint in rubiks cube colours gleam off the benches on the grass. Mark is in the freshly seeded garden, watering or...

journals from the south west

After 3 weeks on the dairy farm, isolated from a social life involving friends as well as having no more than one bar of 4G at any time,...

the explorer's way | a photo journal

Our first sunset in the desert @ a rest stop just north of Port Augusta, SA. A man with a big lens asked if he could take our photo as we...

the art of journaling

We've both been practicing journaling almost everyday of our trip, so I've put together a little guide of the different ways I do it. If...

Jake, el pintor

Five days of our time in Newy were coloured by our new friend, Jake, both literally and figuratively. When we weren’t creating a gorgeous...

ten days in newy

Our days in Newcastle were spent exploring the streets by bike, dancing upon hilltops and lapping up time in the beautiful “pad” that we...

first stop: yamba

Groovy ghostbusters guy to the rescue. Van started losing revs as we pulled off the highway, but after a retired looking rockstar -...

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the project

Ponderings on the world through two eyes, with flair from the array of characters I meet. A collection of words, photos and drawings to record a life lived in between permanence. An exploration of what it means to be seeking, experiencing the unknown and giving importance to things that are not quite the norm.

As Yoga Nidra teacher, Jennifer Piercy so aptly put it, to be exploring the ‘transition spaces of dusk and dawn and as summer becomes winter and winter becomes summer’. Of the dream state that exists between sleep and wake. Of the parts of our consciousness that we can access but can’t quite yet make sense of. Of living between the reality we grew up with and the ones that we are pulled into by other souls, other paths. 

If you are living a similar life or want to contribute in any way, flick me an email below. I hope to make a print zine of this project in the future, but for now this is a space to record and share. 

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